Monday, December 15, 2008

Simplicity Distorted

Dear One's Promise.
You Are My Longevity. You Are Aggregate To What I Hanker To Occur. You Are My Prospects, Envisages And Objectives. I Canonize You. I Idolize Your Bloom, Your Disposition And Your Luminosity. When I Gawk Your Cast, Abruptly Hansom Ashen Fowls Barrel In The Vicinity, A Prodigious Brass Troupe Foundations Enacting Its Pittances And Cartouches Detonate Omnipresently. I Would Peregrinate To The Terminals Of The Macrocosm, Merely To Bonanza You Your Monopoly Of Nonpareils And Predilections That You Solicit For. With Per Capita Exhalation I Accommodate, I Shall Cleave You Nigh To Me And Foster Your Intonation Repercussioning In My Tympanum. The Crepuscular Evenings Empyrean, And Its Polished Starlight Children, Nourish My Reveries Of Having You Each Original Diurnal Course I Subsist.I Prize You And Elect Your Gracious Matter Accompanying Me. I Treasure You, Nevermore Obliterate That. I Love You.
Sam xx

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