Friday, December 12, 2008

I Am Clara Unfinished Prologue

Ok. i so i typed out all this, in one sitting, i have not edited any of it since i wrote it, and this is certainly not a final copy, so yeh. i just thought i would let you people have a read of it, see if any of you understand the story.

This section takes place, before all the rest, its kind of the setting of hte idea of how Clara came into this world, and under what pretences, and such

She had brilliant, dark brown hair. Her eyes were a sharp blue and her skin was smooth and flawless, almost perfect. When she laughed, rooms stopped. Everyone knew her and loved her. She was kind, gentle and always had time for everyone. Formally, she was Joanne Danielle Veronica South, but those who know her just called her Jo, or the really close, Jojo.

Jo was a confident high school student, successfully passing all subjects at an above average standard. She was a well balanced popular student, with a busy social life and the most brilliant boyfriend she could ever have, Cody Shaw.

Cody was your typical perfect guy. He was handsom, gallant and constantly charming. Everyday he would make Jo feel like she had died and gone to heaven

'I could lose myself in those eyes' he would say, 'they just take my breath away.' Jo being a softy for the cheesey, would swoon at his words.

Jo and Cody were going steady for coming on 8 months, when they came to a stump. The cheesey had become chliches, the gallant had become expected and what made Cody handsom had just become features. They needed something more. Both Cody and Jo had made the decision that sex will not come about, through boredom, that it must be a special thing. For both of them were still virgins. So they needed something else, something new.

It was while Cody was scrumaging through his brothers belongings, that the answer came to them.
"You want us to try heroin"
"Sure, why not"
"Why not! Why not! because its dangerous, we dont know what might happen, and we could become addicted."
"Oh nah, dont be such a baby Jo, we need something new to keep this alive"
"Yeh, but i didnt mean heroin."
"Oh come on, whats the worst that could happen."

As if irony had answered the call, the worst did happen. Shortly after experimenting with the elicit drug, one of the 2 did get addicted. Even way after Cody and Jo parted ways, and school was over, Jo would still go searching down dark alleyways in search of another fix. In the end, due to her over powering dependancy to heroin, she lost all her credibility at her high school, she lost out on finishing school successful, and eventually just became someone else. Her hair was no longer brilliant, her eyes were a dull, pale blue and her skin was taught and rough. She no longer laughed, and was rarely kind or gentle, and now had no time for anyone, except for the dealers.

Years after finishing school, and living off whatever money the government would give her, she found herself tralling through the back streets of a prominantly black district, still searching for more of what she needed.

She had a friend, Rortisha, who she was trying to find. She wandered in to a club, music bumping, everyone dancing. She was so delirious she didnt even notice as a hoard of Neo Nazi White Supremacists came storming in, and shot up the place. She was hit over the head and knocked out.

She woke up. An undistiguishable face just infront of her veiw. She could feel the motions, as this unidentified man was having sex with her. She began to flail her arms and tried to scream. A gag across her mouth stopped her from making anymore than a steady groaing sound.
"I saved your life" the man announced. Jo groaned some more.
"Stop that," the man said, anger stitched amongst his voice,"if i hadnt said i would do this, they would have killed you, for being in the negro's club." A look of anguish came across his face, trying to plead to Jo, how necessary it was that it was happening.
"Stay quiet, i will be finished soon, I am truely sorry. Its just, you looked so peacefully beautiful, and i couldn't let you die." The man was still trusting into Jo, she could feel ever movement, as the sudden realisation, that this was how she lost her virginity. A tear travelled down her face, and the man wiped it away. He smiled.
"Its ok now, i've finished, you can go now." He let her go, with one final gasp. He put his finger to his lips, and gestured for her to be quiet. Seeing as the deed had been done, and the man in front of her was quite well built, she decided to follow his commands. Once he had removed the gag, he pointed to a doorway.
"You can leave out there. Dont bother trying to come back, because next time, you will be killed." He handed her a envelope with a letter inside, "Its so that you can get in contact with me, I'd love to see you again." He awkwardly smiled, and left out another door.

She quickly left out the gestured exit. She looked around at the out side, it was still night. It all just looked like an average street. She walked to where she thought the traffic would be. Looking down at the letter, she opened it. Inside was a small peice of paper, with 4 simple words. 'I Am Colin Farmer'.

It took her 7 weeks to discover she was pregnant.

atm it is at its basics, i just wanted to get down the story, and then i can work around it from there. so yeh
tell me what you think

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  1. it's good
    and I have read this book where it took the girl months to find out she was pregnant, but that was cos she was 15 and naive, and didn't want to believe it.
    But if this was actually a book, and I came across it, i would have picked it up and read it =)
    no kidding. It's an interesting story.