Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where am I going

I could fall asleep right now. I reckon. Maybe I will when I get home. Nah, scratch that. I have better things to do that sleep.


Westboro Baptist Church, are racist homophobic ass wipes, with a hitler for a father.

Thats right. LEISHA.


Anyways, to something probably more interesting.

Have you ever noticed the big red snake, on the glass in the library becuase I am lookibng at it, right now. IT HAS NO HEAD!!

'Each Morning I Get Up And Die A Little, Can Bearly Stand On My Feet'

Queen rock your mothers ass.


Now you know.

Unconnected sentences.

Ok, peeps, what we need in the world, is some social and human respect. We don't respect the strangers we see, rather we treat them like vermine that should never be touched. Its is our perogative to be distant from those around us, from people we don't know. But even if we aren't going to be welcoming strangers into our lifes, we should be able to treat them with some respect, and give them something nice each day.


I need to think before I blog. I shall try, but for now, my random bouts of information and opinion and the steadily slurry of simple crap.

Congratulations on growing up.


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