Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pregnant Pause

'I'd walk with you, hand in hand, and baby in the other.'

This post is designed to grab the attention of one specific person. Note title and first line.

Hello there confused person, in bewilderment and shock. I'm here to say, in all honesty and might, if you need a hand to hold or a healthy push, then always remember there's me.

I just have a few questions that I have been contemplating.

What would be the worst out come?
If worst came to worst, would you go it alone?
Are you too scared to find out?

Of course, this post could be coming to you a bit to late. But 'It's the thought that counts' LOL.



  1. Now, Mr Orange, who could this possibly be aimed at? ;)

  2. And um, "a healthy push" was really not the best phrase to use aha

  3. LOL, 'healthy push' was more in the idea of like, you know when people need pushing through the door to make themselves do something, or like when people need pushing to do something and such, you know.

  4. Haha I guessed as much. But in context, more than a little disturbing ;P