Sunday, April 5, 2009

140 Characters Just Wasn't Enough Space

I am starting to think I spend too much time on the internet. Maybe.

OOO, yay, fields of nice comments left in my truth box. This is nice, considering the general trend has been to fill my truthbox with stupid and pointless little snipes, that generally don't make sense, and don't even grace me with a conclusion. Anyways.

I have received 2 such nice comments, that I am open to sharing them with you.


'what do i really think about sam. he leaves trails of himself everywhere without realising. These all make me smile. Things most people do are no longer annoying when sam does them, he makes them fun, i can see anything from his eyes. when i want to of course'


'if we was as different as we think we are sometimes but we both know that we're not. Then i was trying to decide last night whether i would call u chalk or cheese. my head isnt clockwork so i first thought okayy, he's cheese because he is interesting has good taste and is mature. You also have holes which you leave people, me, to fill in. which i secretly like but wouldnt tell you. Then i thought no wait you would be chalk because chalk is the one that expresses, it writes, it draws it creates. You are also like chalk because you are many colours, i love them all about you. So then once realising damn it hes everything, my everything. This irritated me, honestly. So then i thought hmm. what would i be? chalk or cheese and i couldnt put a finger on it. But then i realised that it doesnt matter what i am because whatever im like, im like you too :) and then that made me smile, because your my role model in more ways than one. i am finished now. i hope you dont know who i am.'

oh and also, Thirdly,

'Sam is very nice. He like orange. He does drama when i have art. My role model. He thinks he has a feminine face with a big forhead. he doesnt. i know him best :) my surrogate. blows everyone away. is caring. is smiling. is random. is an amazing poet. is awesome. is funny. is different. he is unique. he is not samuel. his name is hebrew. there's like 17 of him in florida. he thinks edward cullen is ugly. he IS smart. he trusts me. hes my closest friend. hes my piggy bank of secrets. hes a comfy cloggen. he is an ace bowler. he just left me one of these messages. he is special. he makes me jealous. he is cool as. he needs ppl to badger him when theres something wrong. he doesnt like female dogs. he made me tacos. he is in my nans good books. he wins in all areas xx'

These make me happy.


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  1. yah, gotta hate the restriction of twitter. kills me.