Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Just Hope You Get Your Fireplace In The Rain.

Haha, only me and one other person understands that title. People could figure it out, if I tried to explain it. So I won't.

My head hurts, probably because I was walking around in the wet and cold. Took me an hour to get home from Thalassa park. Walking home in the rain, Wooh.

Winnie the Pooh. That's what that 'Wooh' made me think of.

Jungle Fever.

Things are changing. No, its just been 2 weeks since some form of normality. Things feel like they are changing, maybe. Ooo. My hair should change. Highlights, Low lights, Blond, Darker.

Legs, Homework, Paintballing, Waist, Nighttime, Sleepovers and an unemployed mother.

I really don't want to grow up.
Sex is the devil.

It is the stealer of ones innocence. Sure, I think that's the truth, what you got to say about it. Hmm, huh.

I want to wake up and be 7. To be 7 again, not 17. 7 people, the best, the greatest, the honestly most simplest. Sure, not everyone's 7 was great. In fact, mine was shit. If I was to become 7 again, I would not want to live out the same year again, that's just stupid.

Otherwise. I don't want to complain.

I just don't like the prospect for the future.


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