Monday, April 6, 2009

Tell Me, Who Are You This Time?

I am sitting here, listening to Scarlett Johansson.

I do find her pretty amazing. She is both interesting and nice.

Her music intrigues me so much. I enjoy sitting here listening to it.

Ah, I have not had a developmental blog about how I am feeling, for quite sometime. If I am honest, I doubt I will say anything quite at all 'developmental' LOL. I am just listening to my Scarlett.

OH, has ended. So I start it again.

I'm feeling some what lost. I am also trying to get in someones pants. LOL. Ah slutting.

That's a joke BTW.

'There'll be no refreshment for a thirsty jackaroo
From melbourne to adelaide on the overlander
With newfangled buffet cars and faster locomotives
The train stopped in serviceton less and less often
There's nothing sadder than a town with no cheer
Voc rail decided the canteen was no longer necessary there'

Ah, the confusion and awkwardness.

LOL, Slutting.

'Bury our heart In the attic'


I am done.


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