Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soft Cabbage

Moving away from my 5 stages of death.

Mainly because at this moment in time, there is nothing going on, that even kind of relates to bargaining. Although I can imagine what might come to that. Ah, sadness.

Well, I think I did some good.

Although no one appreciates what I can do for them. HAHA. Ah, has been a nice weekend. I reckon.

What do I have to discuss. I have stacks of drama to do. I am talking literal stacks of work. I need a job. Hmm.

My mother has gave her 2 weeks notice for her job. Soon we will be living off one wage. Means there will be some changes and such, and I will be living with less. I am OK with that. I think my dad is concerned. Money is simply a tool for trading, and I don't want to trade my family, so I am happy.

Here a Ring, There a Ring, Everywhere a Ring Ring.

I might go for a walk in a bit. Just to walk. For no real reason.

The Placebo of a Dream.


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