Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Accept Your Throne Dear Queen

So. Whats up?

I still have a LOT more to do, but I am happy with how far I have got with my drama. :)

OO, I should write a task list. Nah, I'm scared of realising how little I have done. It 'could' make me work better, but realistically, it would probably make me stress more. Maybe. Hmm.

I have a realistic outlook of what I have to do, so its all OK really.

So, no real development otherwise in my holidays. Still scratching through the day with no real point or conclusion. Still pathetic and lonely. Well, not really lonely, persay, considering I still have my family about. But the thought is out there of one of loneliness. Pathetic, well, I don't know if that fits, but if you imagine a lesser version of pathetic. Not as in lesser as in worse than pathetic, but a less defined form of pathetic, maybe one more closer to unaware and helpless mixed together. hmm.

Ok, so some random person is speaking to through Myspace IM, there not in my friends list, and I don't understand how they are talking to me and such. Oddening.

Well yep. My next step. What to do What to do. Something needs to be done. Simply. Do I really have that little will power. No, no I don't. I have way less than that. No, I have will power. I have inner strength. I also have a constant ticking mind that makes me consider the point of doing things. I also consciously tell people to just do stuff, because they want to. Hmm, I can convince someone to do things just because, but can't for myself. Some more hypocrisy to add to my character.

Some people just know how to get me to do stuff. For better or for worse. Wait, good god, I'm not getting married. Anyways.

So, fate has dealt me some cards, how will it play out. Only time will tell.

My posts are becoming ridiculous again, non sensical babble about the antics i get up to while on the computer. No real development into my life or about me. Tut tut, Mr Orange.

One day, my story will be complete, and I won't be around to tell it.


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