Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ah, its 2 23 on Thursday morning. I've been up a very long time now. Pretending to still be doing things worthwhile. When really I am just pissing about, doing absolutely nothing. Shame.

Family on facebook, woo.

Should have a good day today. Hopefully. Maybe. It all depends really.

Hhmm. I am talking to this person. I am going to call them Bridge. Me and Bridge are talking. He's up very late. He often does, apparently. He does not like the idea of dating. Well, not the way I explained dating.

The idea of dating, as displayed on 'Sex and The City', is one that amuses me. A non committal period of time spent with another human being, that will either lead to something more, or just be a day out. Something along those lines anyways.

Bridge is wanting a relationship. He is one of these people that can't handle being alone. He can't handle it so much, that he eventually gets so desperate he starts going crazily hormonal and starts trying to get you to watch him on cam. LOL. That was a funny night.

Of course, he never gets desperate enough to ask me. The single, lonely boy, sitting here. Bridge is a bit of an up him self tosser. But eh. I'm open for anything, tosser would be fine right now. Better than fat prick or ugly weirdo.

So, I questioned him as to what was the issue. Apparently, I come on too strong. I can still see something like that. Still doesn't stop him from being a tosser. LOL. Either way, I am still here.

Today should be nice. If all works out.


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