Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Singer & Gangster ... Soprano

So, my brother has wrote out some bucket list for himself. Tomorrow he is going to try and stay awake for 72 hours. I don't quite understand why he has wrote out his bucket list, so young, but I guess the idea is that you never know when life is going to end.

It's got me thinking about all the things I want to do, and how I sit around here and whore myself out(emotionally). Yeh.

It also got me thinking about how often I slightly fantasize about his friend. Not like, sickening in depth sexual fantasies, but rather simple scenarios, that are likely to never happen.

Random Thought: Death is black, but ghosts are white.

This friend of his, often comes over. I often wonder to myself. You know, the simple, 'What If's?' Ah well. Life moves on.

I hate how all photo's I take, I never seem comfortable with them just as they are. I have to edit them, and I hate editing them, because when people see them, they know exactly why you edited them. Because you don't look like that. Eww, full stop in the wrong place, but the sentence doesn't flow how I think it should, and even now, gah.

I took a new one on my webcam, for my myspace. It looks pretty cool, but also like it isn't really showing a true me. Which it really isn't, but my webcam is crap.

Ah well.

I'm not contagious.

I have been reading lots of randoms myspace's, and I have to admit, that world is just full of liars. Ah, tis despicable.

Oh, everyone is calling for my dad. Gah, I hate the man he is talking to right now. Obnoxious twat. Not funny. Absolutely self centered. A shit head. Gah.

Maybe I would like to go see a movie. Maybe I would like to try and stay up for 72 hours, ey :P. I do want to save the world. Make a difference. Write a classic. Feel proud.

Ah, the mafia.


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