Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh, its looks like the world has been engulfed by the sun. Time to move on.

Do you know whats sad. 13 year old boys taking photo's of themselves in there underwear, so that they can find someone to blow. Quite a society we must live in.

On a nicer note, I was happy to have done some socialising last night. Going to my best friends birthday party. Woo.

Ah, good. Oh.

That shouldn't have shook me as much as it did. Ah. I just got knocked off me feet. Dam him and his date. Gah, this is why I hate how the only method I have of finding people, is through scrawling Myspace's and friends of friends, so as introduce myself to people.

It all just means that there is nothing ever there. Now I am rolling on the floor after a day of gliding and flying.

Now I'm all shook up and wondering what to do.

My family is watching American Pie: Band Camp. I find it very odd, because my dad was so adamant to watch it. My brother failed his 72 hour 'stay awake' marathon thing. This will just mean he will have to try again.

Do I really wish it was me instead?

No, its just me finding things more tedious and hopeless. Mainly, hopeless. But as I explained before, it takes a lot of scrummaging through the bull rushes to find the messiah. That was a stupid, and possibly offensive metaphor.

Ah well. Back to Drama.

Silly me. I asked a stupid question to the ever whoresome Bridge. Whats he doing with his 'friend'. Home alone and horny.

Daycare sucks.


P.S. I didn't expect my blog title to suit so well, hhmm, fate or coincidence. LOL

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