Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its A Muppet Merry Christmas

So, what have I done today. Not much at all. Contemplated much of what I should have been doing. Hmm. Been naughty, probably.

Rattling in this empty house.


Nah, just lost. Irony. The smell of it.

'I walk through the glass gates of a red crossed castle. A kingdom of life and death. I was bought through on wheels, looking at ceiling and sky. My family is no where to be seen.'


I have lots of homework I need to do. I also have an open invitation by my rents to have people over. Woot. Twould be nice.


That would just fit into everything so well. Sorry, just had a conversation in my head. LOL. I wish I could watch movies in my head, like living statues do.

Moving on, effortlessly.

Mr Orange needs some topics to discuss. I would ask you to ask me questions and such, and I would voice my answer/opinion on the matter, but I doubt anyone would actually reply. So instead I shall just take notes throughout the day, and then try to elaborate on here. Otherwise, I will just ramble til proper things start being said.

The BeacHouse would be nice. Has anyone noticed how it is only spelt with one 'H'. Technically making it the beac house, LOL. If everyone was so literal, that's what they'd be calling it.

My computer is so crap, just crap. It shits itself all the time. Dammit and its pathetic attitude.

Ok, so tomorrow, I will either work some more on my homework, or try to get out of the house and see some people. Sounds good to me. Either way, I am going to make sure that tomorrow is a productive day.

22 is probably too old for me. 13 is probably too young.


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