Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Would Love You If You Were Gay, Blind or Retarded, But You're Not.

I surround myself with fake emotions. No, not fake. 'Fakely generated' emotions. By this I mean, the emotions generated by TV and Movies.

I treat myself as a character. Keeping in emotions until there comes a time when it can be used for a climactic event, or otherwise over MSN, but more often than not, I am waiting.

Still waiting in fact. I am a terrible person, for setting expectation or standards, that I shall for fill but no one else will. Mainly because they don't realize that I have been trying to display the standard or expectation that I have set everyone and myself.

Usually I take things too, to heart. So I set the standard, and then expect everyone else to just understand and follow. But when people don't, I take it as them purposely out to get me. So sometimes, just sometimes, I get overly paranoid by everyone.

That has actually only happened a few times. The whole, forming standards and no one really following, because they don't realize it has been set, and so then me in my own mind believing that no one cares and such and that no one cares for my opinon and everyone just is out to try and put me down.

This wasn't really my point, but eh.

Love Love xx

P.S. My post name, is a Family Guy quote, that I laughed at, for its subtle message. It was directed at Meg, if that clears things up. :P

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