Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Silent Musical

I'm singing to myself.

I've been snacking. I can't properly starve myself, can I. Good god, I don't know whats going on anymore.

So I am now sitting hear, singing to myself, because now one hear to listen.

I am singing about more, than you might ever understand.

But no one, wants to hear my song.

So I, am singing to myself. All about my situations and my soul.

I don't need another person, to not even come up and say its OK. I just need someone, to listen to my dismay.

I could cry, if I could only.

I just hope someone is listening to me now.

Love Love xx


  1. -is sitting on the floor with legs crossed and chin in hands looking up at sam with a little kid expression-

    i is listening

  2. =D listening listening, but hearing nothing. Unless you sound like the hum of my computer?
    just say so