Sunday, February 8, 2009

May Rainbows Fill Your Dreams.

Its Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I knew that. I witnessed that. I allowed it to happen.

I became a wolf in sheep clothing. Introducing a need to change. That someone needed to become something they weren't. For the sake of others.

Not who I should of been. For the sake of others. I was not what I wanted.

Not fair. Not right. Not deserved. Not how it should have been handled.

I am sorry.

I KNOW it is hard. I KNOW, how hard it is. How utterly difficult it is. The pain. The mask. The extra tortures that can be added to the mix. The loss. The feeling that the hurt will last an eternity. The next day. That day. Each day.

I KNOW that things will be different. Harder. Lonelier. I KNOW that for now, you may be confused and lost. Hold on. Reach out. Be Patient.

Love is not a milestone away.

I wish I had been a better person. I wish I was a better person. I wish I had done what I knew I should of. I wish you the best.

Love Love xx

1 comment:

  1. Hey,
    It was really great to have a good serious talk with you last night. I don't know why I didn't notice this blog before lol...

    And you are a good person, in fact you're a great person.
    And you did a good thing, the right thing.
    I can see that now...