Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Super Golden Spoon

Lets consider this.

You are hurt in some way. In pain. Somethings up, and you have no one to talk to.

I want you to consider, who do you want to talk to. Who is the person you want to talk to. Who is the person you need.


Now, you don't have that person. You don't have your second choice, or even you somewhat unreliable third choice. So what do you do.

Most people would say, well I would just ask for anyone's help by then.

But would you, would you really.

On most accounts, once they got passed there list of options, that usually doesn't stretch realistically that long, most people give up, and no longer mention it again, or hold it in til the moment comes when they can tell their first.

If people realistically just wanted the comfort of anybody, then they would be open enough to tell the first person that honestly cares, most especially if it was a person who was none of there choices. There is always this person, who is never asked upon or considered. But sticks around just to make someone smile.

That person, I call the consolation prize.

The person, who throughout all that goes on, will be there when no one else will. But isn't the person you want. You've been gunning for gold, but your stuck with a wooden spoon.

Now this person, does all the right things. Is there at crucial moments. Comforts. Holds. Listens. Actually cares. But in the end, the point of this person is to simply just console, for that short amount of time that this person is necessary. So this person gets thrown away. Traded back in for that initial prize of gold, or maybe even just a prettier spoon.

Those of you out there, know exactly who these consolation prizes are, and they probably know that they are one as well. Its just the way the system works as all.

Maybe you will notice it more now.

Love Love xx

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