Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sing A Lullaby

Dancing in my pool and singing to myself. Sing a song about not letting the closest person to you in, in case they don't like what they find.

Save It For The Last Kiss.

Meaning, saving your questions, til you no longer care for what the answers are. Like the last kiss in a relationship. I duno, it sounds better in my head.

I started work on my English oral, I got like the whole section on one of the things that are important to me. I need to work on it to get it just that little bit more emotionally gripping, lol, but yeh. I have my concept for the second thing as well, so all is good.

I think we are all generally quite hypercritical, but I think that's just a part of our nature.

I was wondering the other day, right. You know how traditionally pink is for girls and blue is for boys. I was wondering, if we took a child and didn't introduce him/her to colours and such, and then told him/her to attach specific colours to a specific sex, whether is would still be the same.

I also thought that if we got a young child, and taught them to speak English and taught them letters, but didn't actually allow them to know what the letters looked like. Would they associate the same symbol with the same sounds.

I duno, it was just a thought that came to my head, you know.

I like the Odyssey. I've got very interested in it.

I'm feeling better, cos i am eating better, and exercising.


Love Love xx


  1. i think they've already done tests about children and the colour and gender thing... idk the results though lol

  2. In Biology last year we watched some video about how people treated little babies. There was a baby boy called James and some lady that didn't know him was getting him to play with trains. Then she went away and the scientists put a dress on him. Anothr random lady was introduced to him as Jane. She sat there playing with his hair, and going "Oh. You're so pretty".
    Yeah, sometimes I wonder what would happen if you somehow removed language like idk. If you put a bunch of little babies on some deserted island and never talked to them, just looked after them physically then how would they learn to communicate. Would they be able to make a whole new language? Idk :S
    Or like how do people who lose their memory still know how to talk? Like in HP2 and Gilderoy Lockhart. Very confusing stuff. Love.