Sunday, February 1, 2009

It Takes 2 To Tango, But 17 To Make A 17 Man Crowd!

I need help.


I don't comfort in being honest, because I don't think it will make a difference. For now I am going to move on.

I am imagining that there is a lack in people that read these. Which in someway makes me feel alright because it means I am still just in my own head. But other ways, I duno, I feel maybe just a bit, alone.

I've been out of it for a little while, and everything feels different. People seem odder, situations seem changed and everything just seems to have formed into something else.

I could probably come up with a few simple explanations, the most obvious being that everyone is back at school. But I duno, other things.

Its this little annoying thing in the back of my mind, and its making me uneasy. I'm sure i will eventually forget it, and feel like everything is as normal as ever, but i just kinda want to put it on the record. That things have changed.

Whether obvious or inconspicuous, something else is lurking about.

Well, moving on.

I have had my first failure.

In my bid to become healthy and thin. Coke, M&M's and Pizza. Too much, SO MUCH. I felt guilty and disappointed in myself.

OOO, I just thought of something, Genius, hhhmmm. Nah, wouldn't be as coolas i think it would.

Anyways. I tried to contemplate for it by doing 20 minutes worth of star jumps in my pool and swimming lengths and stuff. (Doing Aerobics in a pool is very good exercise)

But I kept snacking.

I need a large Russian woman following me all the time, who can slap me every time I fall out of line. No, I just need to get more control of myself.

Gah, I hate wittling on about myself. It feels so pompous. I apologise to the last remaining people still reading this. I don't find it fair of me to talk about myself. Especially since no one has asked to know.

I, ofcourse, have no one else to talk about, but you know.

I am a strange person.


Love Love xx

P.S. The Staberfoyle Park blog thing, I realised, I am the only year 12 male there, and the only mainstream kid, I think. :)

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  1. It's your blog.
    You can write about yourself in you want.
    It's better than writing about yourself on other people's blogs.
    That would just be weird.
    See you tomorrows. x