Monday, February 16, 2009

Me and My Pimplets.

I think this suit looks quite amazingly cool. Of course, it is a pimp's suit. But as me and Kristen discussed, I am a pimp, and I have my little Pimplets. :P.

Anyways, moving on.

I have, what I am dubbing a 'Glanced Crush', on a little kid. A glanced crush, meaning, I know the person through other people. Have never had a proper conversation with that person, and as of yet, don't actually know anything of much value of this person. Also, its not quite a little kid, but rather a younger kid, a younger version of an older kid, you might say.

I often Glance Crush. I consider a person as an option, and allow the thought to mingle in my mind for a while, then I will smoothly move on to someone else. It affects no one. Therefore, I continue this trend. Until, the glance becomes a stare, or otherwise is completely forgotten.

A companion. That's what I reckon I need. More of a companion. A 3 hour texting buddy. Long winded MSN conversations that drag on for days. Unlike, what I keep getting now.

I am still working on my Slimming. Thanks to a dear friend. But I have been finding it harder than I expected, and actually expectantly indulged. I shall explain to my helper tomorrow, and see if there is anything that can be done to help.

'Strength comes from those who are willing to admit they need help.'

A white suit would be awesome. Like with black stripes. A bit thicker than pin stripes. That's what I would love to wear to formal, something like that. It would be fun to dress up so oddly. In something I like.

'You could have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye but only a true best friend knows you're about to cry'

That was the little under message thing on my 'little year 9 friend' Holly's MSN name. I thought it was sweet, and incredibly true. But also very hard to follow as s standard. As my experience tells, most people would adore to feel like another person can tell exactly when another is upset, but it generally just plays out, that they need to be told, or otherwise never know. That's some of my experiences on that. But I still find it sweet.

I think I may have changed the mood of this blog. Moving on. Oh, I don't think I have anything I feel I need to add.

Love Love xx

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