Saturday, February 14, 2009

Joker Beats Ace

'Satire Is A Lesson, Parody Is A Game'

I have officially applied for my Citizenship. YAY. Just waiting for a letter from Canberra to make it all official and stuff, because I successfully answered the 2 questions I needed to for my Interview. They will tell me when I am doing my ceremony and all that, which will be cool, I would like people to come and see.

My parents passed the test thing. My dad got 19/20 and my mum got 17/20. It was all pretty simple stuff, but a lot of it, I would be surprised if many Australians knew about it. :P

On the other side of things, one of our close English families is being deported. Its quite tragic really. They have been living here for 3 years, and gained new lives here, and they got declined for there visa, and so now have to go back to England. I could explain in more detail, but its not really my place to discuss.

To all of us, it doesn't really make much sense, and my mum is especially quite saddened by the whole thing.

Well, I don't know quite how to connect what I really wanted to talk about, with the rest of this post, so I am going to leave it here.

Love Love xx

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