Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Secret Video Taping Of The Public

A thought came across my mind, as I was looking at PostSecret. I hadn't took a look at it in quite a while, but tonight I did. It got me thinking, as I am sure many others have done before, about all the secrets people keep.

Secrets are those little things, that left untouched can either become nothing, or become everything. I just wonder what everyones secrets are, and what there significance is. Whether they are nothing, or everything. Most peoples secrets are everything to them, but probably not to anyone else. Some secrets, are secret because they need to be kept secret.

I'd wonder how peoples secrets affect them. What they are? Why they are still secret? Who, if anyone, knows? You know, all the questioned you would be likely to ask, if confronted with the issue of a secret.

I respect peoples capacity to keep secrets, and that they don't all need to be told. A story can be kept in the minds of the witnesses and participants. Secret hopes, dreams and wishes. Secret memories and events.

The mask that hides the biggest secret of all. Who are you?


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