Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And here is evelyn

hi eveyone in the blogging world.. i am not apart of your world.. but i thought id visit..

this here, is SAM LANES blog thingo.

he just wrote quite an insane blog about nothing.

it scared me a little.

actually.. a lot.


i dont think im very good at this.

megan is quite a cutie.

i <3 u 4 u r a q t

that is silly.

says the one that snorts.

i also have a strange laugh that is occasional very high pitched and loud.

kyrie just walked in with coke.. suprise suprise. hehehe

larinda works at red rooster.. nom nom.

im really bored. yes sam.. it is.

i dont know why i space out my ness... but it looks neater somehow.

but less intelligent.

eveybody.. do the cha cha..

*does dance*

yay its me and nathans one month today XD

it makes me happy. =]

ok.. im off.. XOXO

1 comment:

  1. naww ev is cute lol

    and i am doing the damn cha cha man!