Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mow Mow

Its 5th period. Sitting here in the music mac lab, listening to some more Duffy. What am I thinking about.

Warwick Avenue, Megan, Holly and friends, Wedges with sour cream, Hannah is sitting just over there, Duffy, Lorinda, Chris's bag, kyire's drum lesson, MEGAN is here, Woo, where you going, oh ok, come back quickly, i love this song, i love that person, no not love, its just made sense to continue on like that, ew, i hate this song, Syrup and honey, wooo, waxing legs, i loveth megan, 1 2 3, BABY BABY BABY spend your time on me, LOL, whats megan looking for, whats on that peice of paper, oh i-pod, yes that makes sense, she's opening a word document, whats she going to listen to, i'll ask, Sex on fire, no, feeling good by muse, HAHA, this is fun, Air guitar, LOL, megan is so adorable, she doesnt need to try, i am aren't i, do i like this song, mmm, sometimes if i am in the mood,sometimes its annoying, right now i can't be bothered changing, wait, what lesson is megan meant to be in, EVELYN, lol, oh, shes wagging, lol, megan that is, S+E with ms gregory huh, womens studies? anti christ, I KNOW ITS WRONG,HANGING ON TOO LONG, what an oddish song, Janelle monae, Womadelaide, green laces, chicken teriyaki, joseph, old phone, OH, i have so much credit, 50 free texts, 50 free dollars, I am rolling in it, LOL, compared to what i usually have, Scrubs is awesome, oh house is on tonight, WOO ness, Vanessa hudgens is abit of a skank, thought to thought, are thoughts chemical reactions in the brain, are every thought a reaction in the brain, would that mean we could like totally read peoples minds and such, because if we learned what each reaction meant, or infact, if there was nothing physical that connected thoughts, wouldn't that mean thoughts don't exist, meaning that everything that is around us was subject to the creation of something that doesn't exist, ie, our thoughts and all that, hhmmmmmmmm, makes ya think, 1984, oddness, reactions, anyways, I want to, i also want to read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the boob lady,LOL, unsupportive bra, shut up woman, lol, what now, lunchtime, thank you, treble cleff, when i drop you boy, where is my mind going now, back to that person,why, how odd, tiddy not giving us money, kyrie, kyrie, hhmm, mentions of her name, she got 92 thats right, steven bickley, up himself, powerpoint, english orals, oooo, english oral script, i winged it, lol, terrible, surname, so funny, confident, i have been confident lately, Andrea has started talking to me, since monday, maybe i am being a bitch, enjoy it, hair in a bun, work, should be doing work, MY FAVOURITE SONG, I'm Scared, its awesome, Choir, not a soprano, alto, i'm a tenor, woooness, vanessa hudgens, lol, harmony, picture of your face, one note, phrase, one note, you were gone, and now i'm scared, aw,i love this song, loud and sharp, not good, louder but sharp, good god, she can sing, ok, get into my own thoughts not the thoughts of everyone around me, there are so many red lines on this post thingo, and there adds another one, a question mark, the opposites of siblings, the power struggle, hhmmm, Distant Dreamer, I rarely dream, but i like dreaming, and escaping, tis fun, watermelon, The Adventure Of ME, lol, psychology, the red lady person from psych, what a shit head, annoyance, piss off you, dam her, the grudge, i think i may have wrote enough, aw holly was crying, her friend is possibly moving school, OMG, nipples WTF, erm, but ya sadness, such a lovely girl, father being abit of a selfish shellfish, mmm, i tinks to myself that i may be crazy


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