Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All The Lights Are On, I'm In The Dark, Whos Gonna Find Me

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing. Then I get to thinking, Who am I doing it for?

By what am I doing, I mean, trying to stand out as something 'attractive'. Although, if I am honest, I have always had that desire.

I'm finding something in nothing, again.

I'm listening to P!NK, and this is what it does to me. Makes me think. Oh I love Pink. And good ol Duffy. I wish I could write songs. Then I would feel complete.

The title of this post is Pink lyrics, woo.

I feel happy, why am I questioning it. Is it because I realise it is a completely superficial happiness, all based on the foundations of appearance. Is it because I feel like that is the only way. No, because happiness comes in all different forms. Plus, a person's appearance could not always be there own doings, so they still have the freedom to be however they like.

I know who I am doing it for, realistically. I am not oblivious. I am still in basic contact with my head. Ofcourse, that doesn't justify the whole thing.

I am divided.


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