Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Am I A Crazy Man, Or A Man At All'

I've been downloading stuff. Music and Movies.

I am now in love with Duffy. YUP. She is cool.

I am also in the midst of watching 'The Spirit', a real cool graphic novel movie thing, like Sin City.


Yep, people don't care. Self Self Self. Sure, including me. But self all the same.

The ones who didn't care won't care in the end.

Ah well.

So, loneliness. That seems to be a theme that keeps charging at me. I feel very lonely, a lot of the time. Not that I ain't trying, its just the situations that I find myself, with the people I want to be around. Well, nothing no one can do to help, so my issue, I'll live with it.

Stuck up enough for you. Honesty.

Arrogance makes you a saint.

Remember that Shirley.


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