Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its A Terra Bite

Had a hair cut today. I am pleased with it. It has some shaped and stuff, :P. Hopefully people will notice, LOL.

I went bowling yesterday with Holly and my sister and her sister and her nan, twas lovely. I won both games, WOO. We planned to do stuff next weekend. Yep.

For those who don't know, Holly is basically my surrogate sister, if you will. She is a member of our 'Australian Family', which is just a collection of English families residing in the flagstaff hill/aberfoyle park area, who are very close, due to the fact they have no other family.

I enjoy spending time with her, she is still interested in me, :P



  1. well
    even if i didnt notice i've read this now
    so its kinda hard not to say anything on ur hair
    i shalt be very upset with myself if i dont XD

  2. interested? ^_^
    what, precisely, do you mean?
    i'm waiting.