Monday, March 16, 2009

Next To Travel

I am sick of people who complain about everything that is going on in there life, but never do anything about it. Yes, that does mean I am sick of myself. The people who will storm around, but never help themselves. The people who will list the reasons why everything is crap, but not a single suggestion as to what they can do.

I realize that people would have there defenses to why they can't seem to be able to just help themselves. But from an outsiders perspective I am tired of all these self caused complaints.

I also realize that I am getting harsher with my moans and groans.

I respect that people can't always solve a problem on there own, but I also respect more, those people who atleast try to do what they can for themselves. The people who don't give excuses, but rather just move on. The people who make an effort to do the thing they were just hoping would fix itself.

Self help, my new frontier.


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