Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Justification Is Not Prove That Its Right

People are disappointing me. Yes, disappointing me. Not that they are trying to impress me, its just I had hoped of something more. Or something that doesn't make me angry, or cringe, or just plain pissed.

Guilt Trippers and the Impossible.

People who are so blatantly only thinking of themselves.

There's someone out there, who deserves it so much. Who is punishing themselves. But I say, what gives them the right to be the one to punish. Nothing does. They hurt someone, they should let the universe take control and punish them. But no, self punishment now means that you have all right to blame the other person for the way you feel, even tho it is there own fault. No, you don't get that right. You cheated, you didn't follow the rules, so now you don't get to decide how the rest of the game is played. So let people move on.

Then there are those people, who pile the guilt onto another, just because they are finally moving on. You broke them, so let them be fixed. Even if you aren't the one doing the fixing. Don't try and break them anymore. For crying out loud, you have lost your chance, and its know ones fault but your own. Don't make it there fault, its your fault. So move on, as you aren't letting them too. You want to be friends, then start acting like one. Or atleast stop making excuses for your own faults.

Then, you arrogant pricks out there, who just don't care, period.

Also, the ignorant bastards who can't look past there own nose, you people make me want to knock down old ladies and punch babies in the face. Good god.


People piss me off. Because they are so utterly in the wrong, but can't see it.

There are also those people out there, who are right to feel the way they feel, and right to say what they have to say, but are still talking out there arse. Feeding us a line of bullshit, just to justifiy there own indiscretions. The people, who will explain, with all there being the feeling and emotions that goes into doing something so terrible. The people who will believe that everything they are doing is fine. Or they will know that it isn't and still go on and try to rationalise something that would disgust most.

I also feel very disrespected by those who can't just be honest. The people who will make up some outrageous lie, just to 'save you from feeling hurt'. People who feed you some crap, just to save there own conscience from feeling the guilt. What I hate more than someone who can't just be honest, is a very bad liar. I just hate it, be straight with me. The bullshit just makes me angry and upset. So honesty please.


Ok, so I have had a rant. People are pissing me off, and so I thought I would just get it all off my chest. Some of this doesn't have any real connection to me, but its just the way people areand how I feel about it, and I thought it was worth mentioning. Most is not about anyone in particular, infact I never had any single person in mind throughout each portion.

But yeh. There are people I still love dearly. But tonight, I felt like getting rid of some anger.

Love Love xx

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  1. I don't care. I AM an arrogant prick most of the time, yes, but at least I admit it and don't talk down to everyone like I'm better than them.
    I'm stopping following your blog because, honestly, you write like the most stuck up, self righteous, annoying person on the planet.
    Sorry Sam, but you're just bullshit and really, you know what? No one cares. At all. Period. Get over.