Monday, March 23, 2009

Once In The Boondocks

Ok, so today a there was strange new trend going on. Many more people were being nice, friendly and even rather flirty with me.

Now before today, the number of people that would offer to give me a piggy back, was limited to the one occasional adult that would be guilty for leaving me out of the little kids fun. LOL. But today I got on a total of 3 backs. Woo.

Today, I was dubbed, attractive, cute, adorable, sexy and good looking, by an array of people.

I don't know if many of you know what its like to suddenly have people praising your looks. Especially considering previously all I ever felt like was the over weight extra guy with nothing really going for him. It was up lifting. I felt more confident. I felt emotionally thinner. It was just lovely.

People were treating me nicer, and just kind of looking at me with a more pleasant look on there face.

Kind of proving all that psychology has been telling us about peoples attitudes and its relevance to appearance. Which in some ways is quite sad, but I don't know. I felt good today.

Its all because of my new stylish hair cut, and probably that mixed with the fact it was casual day.


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