Friday, October 24, 2008

Patient Listener

I realized today, how honestly patient i can be. When it comes down to it, when it comes to the crunch, i can be very patient.
By this is am talking about, people and there problems, and there necessity to tell someone, and honestly, i think you may find, that i am patient when it comes to people telling me what is up.
I realized today, how strangely tolerant i am, of people, and there emotions. i think it is my developing empathy. funny thing that.
A lot of people i have seen, cant handle the pressures of listening to people. they constant tell them, to get over it, or move on, or the likes. they are, for the sake of a point, impatient. i guess.
i saw it today, how quick people seem to be, to cut down on someones feelings, unintentionally, because there opinion doesn't comprehend with theres. irrationality and rationality don't comprehend, a simple thing i have noticed.
but yes.
i also realized how good a listener i am. i have always thought i am, but i realized again, how good i am. lol
i am complimenting myself a bit too much, but i find it necessary. because no one else every sees it, or acknowledges it.
ah, i grow tired of this blog, one day i will develop more on it, but for now, toodles

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  1. sam, i can see it, that you are a good listener. i guess i haven't got around to telling you and i should have, but i really do appreciate it, and i'm grateful. it's really good, i love that.