Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Am Random

See If You Can Figure Out Any Of My Meanings. They All Make Sense, In There Own Messed Up Ways.

Tasteless Windows Of Nonsensical Rhymes, Catch The Fallen Dreams Of Stars Gone By.

Each Power Hungry Master, Makes A Slave Less Word More Like Heaven. Reality Dead Less, Sea Nice, Catch It.

I Love More Than Castle Prodded Queen. King Ruler Of Sentinel, Catch Wisdom. Chased Down By Witches.

Grape Sized Elephant, Or Watermelon Mouse. Contingencies Of Gravity, Fall Hopeful, Grace Without.

Congratulations! You Have Successfully Made A Tear Shredded Widow, Blaspheme Through Her Own Nightingale Anthem.

A Smiley, Changes Sarcasm.

I Am Getting Bored Of This, When I Have Simpler Things To Say, I Shall Be Back.

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