Friday, October 24, 2008

6 Word Stories

Ok, so these are my 6 word stories. The idead of a 6 word story, is to simply tell a story in 6 words. These are my attempts at some.

Saving The World
Stands. Breathes. Ultimatum. Sits. Waits. Change.

Chicken Tonight
'So, How Long Until Dinner?' ... DING!

Love Found. Love Lost. Love Again.

Speeders In The Rain
Stops At Sign. Checks. Indicates. CRASH!

Speeders In The Rain 2
Glances Back. Passes Light. Accelerates. CRASH!

Domestic Abuse
The Bottle Smashes As She Swings.

Notes From Afar
A Tear, As The Letter Ends.

National Pride
The Anthem Clasped There Heart Strings.

She Stands At The Corner, Waiting.

No Hug Shall Mend My Heart.

Best Friend
Does Not Heal, Rather, Takes Part.

Leaving School
The Bell Signals The Last Moments.


Together Forever.
They Lasted 6 Months

Sidewalk Pains
The Ominous Lights. Hit Baby Carriage.

Mothers Words
'No More Chocolate. Clean Your Teeth!'

Judgement On Saints

She Regretted Her Speculations.
He Died.


The Ambulance Arrived.
Futile Attempts Made.


The Crowd Applauded.
The Juggler Left.

I Hope You Liked. Tell Me Which Ones You Liked, And Stuff. Some Are Good, Some Are A Bit Emotional And Stuff. But Yeh, Let Me Know.

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  1. hah, this one
    Together Forever.
    They Lasted 6 Months.

    Notes From Afar
    A Tear, As The Letter Ends.