Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Am Too Much Of A Good Person.

i am nice, i am kind, i am considerate, and i honestly care a lot about all the people around me. i thinks it fair to say that i am a good person, i ain't praising myself too excessively by saying that.

i mean, sure i am a bitch, and i can be really mean and all that. but that is generally to someone who has either treated me ill or done something to someone else i know, or people who i know treat other people bad, like whore year 8's and such. and in some ways i think it is healthy to have a good hate of people, i mean, like not one where to completely like are just agro, but like a healthy dislike or people is fine enough. you cant like everyone.

but those people that i do like, i care a lot for. and generally i treat people as good as i can when i first meet them.

although, most people people would say are good, most seem to be confidentless, and i aint, so i dont let people walk over me, which i think is a sad thing for people that do. altho, i think sometimes i do let people have the upper hand over me, because sometimes i just dont need peoples shit.

i would like to think that i am a positivly confident person, but often i feel like i just cant. mm

back on point. i am a good person.

i dont like to hunt to hurt people, in fact, i hunt to make people feel better. i will tell people who i think are gorgus, how gorgus i think they are, even tho i am sure people dont often say it, because people dont really do stuff like that. i duno, now i sound like a weirdo

i dont know where i am heading with this blog, i am just typing shit, hhmm.

i would like to know what people think of me, because i'm sure there is someone out there, who is probably thinking, GOOD, WTF MAN, PISS OFF. hmm

if thats you, then let me know, i would prefer to know that think otherwise

even tho, i really do think i am, :P

i guess one point i would just wish to say, is that when i get into something with someone, like a relationship, whether i think it is working or not, or whether i think i am being treated right or not, i think i am too much of a good person, to do what is right for me. i think when i get into something with someone, i kinda put my all into it, and i kinda never get that given back.

i've been told that i could do alot better. which i guess i dont doubt, because most people can do better with most of the things that people have got. but about me, its like, i duno.

i'm not sure what i am trying to say. hhmm

alot of my blogs and stuff have an underlying message about how i dont get treated fairly, or i dont get treated the same way i treat other people, and so like. i duno. its much worse i think, when you step into one of those more specialer relationships, and then they kinda dont quite gives as much as you do. because like, mm, in a thing like that, if you are giving lots and arent getting any of it back, it just shows a little of how you mean to them. in its own little way.

but in my mind, i duno, i would love to think that i could make a way for that to change, but i doubt that i could. i think in the end, i would end up giving way too much and end up losing it all. but i know that the chances are grim, and like, mm,i duno.

it brings up many issues and tribulations, because i duno, i cant just do nothing, but then i dont know what to do, and i dont feel as tho i could just throw it away too soon, because i duno, and like, mm

and this is where my too much of a good person thing comes in. i care too much

i duno, this blog is pointless, more rambles and bambles, lol

i should really talk about much better stuff, but mm

mm, what do you think, :P

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  1. i like you, i used to find you annoying a long time ago, but you have matured and stuff a lot. you are a good friend. (: