Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Persephone and The Pomegranate Seeds

It feels like it has been a while since I have blogged. Realistically it was Saturday and today is Wednesday, so the time isn't that far apart. But then again, in that time there was the Twitpocolypse and a number of other internet events, so hhmmm.

Whats been going on? I haven't had a good nights sleep in the past 10 days atleast. Each night I have lain awake thinking about nothing. (Lain? Is that a word)

Classics has been entertaining lately. I have been re discovering the Greek Myths I had been taught years and years ago. Pandora's Box being my favouritist of all Myths. It makes me chuckle a little when I read the different versions of Pandora's Box on the internet, and they all end with the exact same word, 'Hope'. Every single one of them just ends with that word.

Well, like its more than just that word, but every last sentence has that word at the end.

Also, Prometheus, the immortal that gave man fire. The man who was punished by being chained to a mountain, while a giant eagle ate his liver. Only for it to regrow again through the night, to then be eaten the next day. Ah, the greek gods were brilliant at creating punishments.

I never get touched.

LOL, not in a sexual weird kind of way, but just in general. Even like shoulder touching or like hugs or anything. No form of physical contact. With guys that is. Never anything, nothing. I got touched on the back the other day, which was kind of odd. But it made me consider the last time I had been, just touched.

Sometimes I would just like a few hugs. Just to remind me that I'm still cared for and such. But like, ah, I don't know. I can't explain it now. Such a distant relationship I seem to have with my friends. Why? What is this?

I know of times when I have not been invited to things, and then I consider why, and even then I can't understand it. Here I am, everyday. I try. I don't understand people sometimes. I truly lose my mind. It hurts now and again, otherwise I am just senseless. I have to be.

I now sound whiney and all crazy. I just feel much more lonely now a days, because I just realise all the time how little people acknowledge me as a person. Ok, I shall stop now, because I don't know what I am saying anymore. I have gone over what I mean.

I often feel left out, or like I am not quite in enough. Which I don't understand.

I want people to just be honest with me.


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