Thursday, June 11, 2009


My little pun for the hole influenza epidemic.

I was happy enough to enjoy a lovely cup of tea after school today. Even though it had a very high number of sugar scoops, I still felt good having it. It was warming and delicious. I love it sweet.

I am considering how ironic it is, that atm Australia is cold. If I think of how ridiculous that would have sounded back in England, then yes it is quite ironic for me to be sitting around in my new Seniors 2009 jacket.

I haven't got much more to add to this post. I am simply coming up with stuff from nothing, and am hoping that people will still respect that I am still trying to say something.

Hopefully I should do well on my Classical Studies essay, since I have been working hard on it. I've written some very nice sentences, that I am quite proud of.

Might get another brew before I make Taco's for dinner.


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