Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oscar Wilde, Elton John and Rupert Everett

I did not, in the end, complete my quota. I did though, have what felt like at the time, a very shitty birthday. Looking back, it was still shit, but I have gone past it now. I have vented as much as I can, and now don't have any desire to blog about it.

I am now, going to take a bit more of a break from the blogging. No more over the top posting, obnoxiously crapping on about nothing. Just a bit more of a rarer occasion. Nah, not quite that less. But atleast putting a bit of divide between each post and such.

Dammit, I need someone to text. A person that will be interesting to talk to, and who will get people wondering. Will get me wondering. Offering some hope again. But instead I get people popping in and out. Straight people are like a gay mans Mount Everest. LOL.

Don't patronize me with idle chit chat, be honest with me. Tell me what you think is going on. Don't sit there with your theories about me, and never take into action the possibilities of truth. Honest is the best policy. Honesty is my policy. I shall be honest, as long as you are.

My head is going crazy. Some of the things that are going on. Jumbalia!

Do you know what I loved about skins right. Was the way they put a spin on love and homosexuality. It was not a gay man wanting a straight man, but rather a straight girl after a gay man. It offered the same kind of emotions and impossibilities, but it was a completely different story. Of course the girl was a psycho stalker, but still the emotions behind it were very honest and genuine and such.

Rarely do I like to blog about my inner queer thoughts. It's just not the way I like things to go. But lately they have been the subject of many quarrels in my mind. I hate how empty my pool of possibilities is. It's depressing, and lonely. Ah well.

I shall do as Mitch said and keep my head up.


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