Thursday, June 4, 2009

India Made Me This Wine. You Are The Wind.

My head is in pain. It was, and still kind of resembles the consistency of pudding. YAY! I recommend to all of you to never get a Migraine. Not my kind of Migraines. That are almost replicas of a stroke. Woot.

Dark Chocolate did this too me.

I spent most of yesterday in my bed, in the darkness. Thinking about nothing. Sleeping and dreaming. Hoping it would end.

Your pale skin makes your features stand out.

I am alone in the mac labs on Thursday morning. Everything is exciting. I don't know what I want anymore. A silent desire.


That was this morning, it did not post when I was at school, so now it is 7 43pm on the same Thursday, LOL. I am in my jumper and pajama bottoms. Tis a very comfortable sensation. I also have no socks on. LOL. I am an old man.

It's alright to be insane when the doves are still roosting on your head.


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