Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop Watching Your Feet

Have you ever considered how often you can be walking down a street and not notice what is going on around you. You may register that 'stuff' is going on, but you don't take in what is happening, what the world is doing. If we are honest with ourselves, most of the points we try to make to people, are in hope that they are paying enough attention to the rest of the world, to take in what you have to say and understand clearly enough, that in the end they will some how feel more connected with everything than they might have felt before. Yet, as a society we spend most of our time walking passed all the people we wish noticed us, or we wished had an innate understanding of who were are, in a hope that they won't judge us. In the processes of not registering what our neighbours are doing, we become hypocrites to our own forthcoming's.

I don't know if I quite made as much sense as I had hoped. I just honestly feel, like as a society we expect one thing, but do the opposite. We want to be noticed for our talents and praised for our achievements, but when it comes down to the crunch, we aren't willing to just give people the time they deserve. Then we stop and wonder why people don't care enough, and its just karma biting us in the ass. We can all sit here and believe that we have never done such a thing, but if we take a short glance into our past we will find times when we were more preoccupied with our own dilemma's and problems, to take the time to just give someone a hug or just tell someone we care.

I think I've lost the plot here. Simply, the human race just needs to know how to treat each other better. If we can do that, then inevitably people will start to feel better. Of course I am pleading to only hope right now that a world like that could exist, but none the less, I shall try to start the ball rolling by doing my own part.

For now, I shall ignore all tripes and snipes, and just treat people the way I hope to be treated, in a effort to try and get people to just be nicer. I shall not dwell on peoples pasts, only reflect on who they are right now. To ask for equality, we must first believe that everyone is equal.

Love Love xx

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