Monday, January 5, 2009

Ofcourse I Love The Molestation Of Children

I love the kind of people that forget your name as soon as you meet them. You know theirs, you've took it in, and you'll probably still remember their name 17 years from then, but they can't even do the decent thing of remembering your name. I love those people.

I love the girls that enter my house, trample all over my sister, shit on her face, tell her who she needs to be, and still gets treated like a member of the family. Not by the family of course, but by my sister herself. Who lets this 'girl' back into her circle, back into our home and back into her life. I just adore those people.

I love the people that will announce to the world how grateful they are to their latest internet friend, who they have never met, but have never thought of saying thank you for the times their friend was standing in the rain as they were high on prescription drugs. I'm getting more precise, but these people I wish hated me.

I love the people, who will judge and judge and judge other people, but hate the fact that society does that to them. The people that all the time question why people have to be like that, but do it themselves. I know who they are, and I know I am writing my own will here, but I do so love those people.

I love the people who don't take the time to learn the colours of a story, but only take the black and white. I love the fact that by them saying there taking some of the grey, that think that's going to make it all better. I love the people who don't care enough to just be fair.

I love everyone. But I hate them enough to care.

Love Love xx


  1. Whaaaa? I am thouroughly confused. I took this as sarcasm but the last line threw me. =S

  2. firstly, i was not actually high >.< i was just sick, more than anything.
    and "times"???? one time.
    and just because you haven't met someone in real life yet doesn't mean they can't be as good friends if not better than ones you know and can see on a regular basis, take kirsten and jake, they became good friends over the internet. whether you know them irl or not doesn't necessarily mean anything.
    and i actually did thank you for being there that time, more than once. i thanked you several times, how is it that you never seem to remember any recognition you get? all your posts lately seem to be about how you care about other people so much and yet they never care for you in the same way; how you are under-appreciated, misunderstood, misjudged, etc.
    i didn't even get angry at you when you told the people i more than anything wanted to not know about it, although i had told you before how much i didn't want them to know; and you had agreed to not tell them; because you forgot, and everyone forgets things, so that was okay, even though it was important and i was shocked that you could have forgotten. i didn't say anything about it.
    Are you really so self righteous that you would forget any thanks you do get, any time that someone has shown their care for you??? because that is the way it is starting to seem.
    do you only help other people out so you can get thanks and recognition? because then seriously, do not fucking help. i'd go overdose on painkillers (which were not fucking prescription, how the fuck is panadol prescription??) because i lost the most important thing in my life and stand around in the rain BECAUSE I LIKE THE RAIN without you there next to me, any day of my life, quite happily, and i'd still come out of it and realise that i still wanted to live later, without you; it was better having you there but if you only did it because you wanted appeciation, not because you actually cared, then i don't care because i have a will to live already on my own.

    you say that you are sick of people who judge others, and yet you do it all the time. whether you call it judging or not, you are judging all of these types of people you have mentioned.

    you say you're empathetic. are you sure?

    it doesn't really seem like it.

  3. p.s. relevance of post title????