Friday, January 30, 2009

Its Ok Peanut, Your Marbles Will Turn Up Somewhere

So Hi everyone

I am back from my Victorian Adventures.

I have stories and revelations, that I will one day elaborate on, but for now I feel like rambling.

Its hot, as most can tell. Too hot, if you ask me.

I have started to only drink water and fruit drinks, nothing fizzy. I have been eating more fruit, and having a consistant breakfast.

I am consciously looking forward to school, just to see how things are and stuff, because I haven't been there for so long, its starting to feel quite ominous of a place. (I don't think that is proper English, but oh well.)

I drew some pretty pictures while I was away, I shall need to find a way to show you people, for at the moment my pretty pictures are pinned to my bedroom door. They are strategically random, and just odd, and aren't necessarily built out of skill, but just my minds escape from thinking logically I guess.

I wish to meet new people, if there be any. New people interest me. Anything new kind of has a parallel to change. Like change is making things newer, to an extent, so new people generate a loving change. I find new people to be a special sort, because they hold no basis to judge people, to begin with, and I like that.

I think that's what I like about them, there is probably something else or other things that make me feel this way. most probably.

I have decided I should try a bit darker, before i work for lighter. As in my hair. Plus, I don't quite feel confident enough to go for straight out Blond Ambition, lol. I need to feel a little bit more comfortable in my own skin, before i start changing it about too much.

My goal is to be drastically thinner by mid term 3. Some might call me crazy, and most would guess I won't be able to do it, and of course one of those people would be me. But that's my goal.

My other goal is to get a lot of A's. Most especially in Specialist Maths. That reminds me, I apparently have a test on Wednesday in Specialist, that I know nothing about, so anyone out there who can help me, please let me know what i should know by then, because missing out on the first week is going to be hard enough.

I would also like to know if anyone out there is in my Psychology and/or Classical Studies class, just so that I can get the heads up, so that the teachers don't initially take a disliking to me, :). It would be much appreciated if someone could please help me just to get me going.

Ah, well until I am back again.

Love Love xx

1 comment:

  1. the test in specialist is on chapter one
    you get a one page cheat sheet
    and it starts at lunch
    GAY much? lol.

    cya later xx