Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shoddies The Top Hat

We can all play the name blame game, until the sun shines out our arse. But I am sick of the people that don't read the whole message.

Simply, my bout of sarcasm, was not directed at anyone in particular. I was angry, I have the right to vent, I have made a lot of effort, with a lot of different people, so that I get that right. If anyone seems to have taken it personally that is not my issue, id that have so much built up guilt that they feel the need to have to defend themselves towards something that wasn't even slightly thought out to be at them, then I guess they need to start talking to the right people.

I am not perfect, I have never tried to be, so that's why it will never look like I am, because I don't care for being perfect, I just am simply trying to be me. Peoples tattles and remarks, to stuff they haven't thought to ask about, to verify. Is starting to get petty.

I do what I do for the people that need it, but when people blatantly disregard all sense of humanity, just to display a new form of pure unscripted anger, I start to feel a bit disorientated with the amount of bullshit people start to say, just to make another person feel lower.

To make assumptions of a person, without due respect to admitting that you might not be speaking truths, and to try and convince that person of your own decisions on that persons being. You start to enter a point at which you are just getting sad. I ignore every retaliation, so that one day I can turn around and just say, 'I knew you were always a good person'.

So for now, I simply say, Fuck You.

Love Love xx


  1. "I love the people that will announce to the world how grateful they are to their latest internet friend, who they have never met, but have never thought of saying thank you for the times their friend was standing in the rain as they were high on prescription drugs."

    if that's not directed at me in particular, then what is?? i posted about my friend Michael in Hong Kong a couple of days max before that post of yours.

    So no, that third paragraph was not directed at anyone in particular. I could not, of course, take that personally.

    You of course have the right to vent, and bitch, blah blah. Go ahead. But if you have the right to write about whatever you're angry about, then so do other people in response to what they understand you are saying. They may misinterpret incorrectly. But that is how it may seem to them. You can correct them then.

    I'm not saying you should be perfect.

    But you are being just a little bit hypocritical. Read your last few posts. See if you can work out what I'm talking about.

    And, what is this even supposed to mean??? "I ignore every retaliation, so that one day I can turn around and just say, 'I knew you were always a good person'."
    how could that possibly qualify said people as being good?

  2. this "dispute" that you and shazzling are having is stupid. Can't people just get along anymore?

    Sure, you have a right to vent. And so does shazz. Stop arguing (indirectly) already. I am very muchly sick to death of it, and I just want people the get along like they used to. =(

    All I can say is that I hope you are both not fighting by the time that we get back to school. That gives you guys about 3 weeks to sort things out.

    *peace out xx