Monday, August 31, 2009

Smite for Spite, yet Feed the Greed

Since slumming it on the weekend, I have been overly thinking quite a bit about all the troubles that go on in this world.I am not going to bore you with my ideas and opinions. I just think that I myself would like to do more. Make more of a difference and such.I do believe that as a society we are rather blinkard to a lot of things. It's a sad reality. But you can't changed a society, not purely by will. Hhmm, I think I shall change the subject.

Ah, I have recently been enlightened into the fascinating literature of Oscar Wilde. 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', at the moment is the section of his works I am reading at the moment. It's quite a splendid tale so far. I also read one of his kids stories, which was quite sweet. Yes, he is pretty much a hero to me now.

My aunt is in hospital with a brain hemorrhage. My mum has been crying on and off since Saturday, being as it is her sister. I think the hardest thing is that we have only three phone calls in total, explaining all that's going on. I think my mum would feel better if she could of been there and see what was going on.

There isn't much left for me to say.


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