Saturday, August 22, 2009

Malpractise Lawsuit

I have been a fool in my youth. So full of enthusiasm. So full of naivety. So full of shit.

Sometimes I wonder to myself, whats worth all this. Whats worth all that. Who is worth fighting for and who is worth dieing for. No, who is worth fighting against, and for what reason.

Then I realise that I am just even more of a fool. I have fought for the wrong people and the wrong reasons, too many times.

There is no sanctuary in grief, only more grief.

I'm not going to lie. To you or myself, world. I jumped and berated, and when felt attacked tried to defend. Against what, a bigger army. You are no Persian and I am no Greek. This was purely a Thermopylae. Yet without the honour of a failure.

Materialist will say look at the gold, realists will say we are just getting old.


TBH, was that really going to work, fix anything.

'I will always dial the K'


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